Meet Tashima


Tashima has been apart of this AMAZING company since November 2019 after going through a divorce, she was looking for something to make her feel whole again. While attending a bachelorette party she noticed that their was a Paparazzi consultant there and remembered seeing them before. She was introduce to Paparazzi about 2-3 years prior and was not interested at all in $5 jewelry. Over the years she noticed that they were popping up all over and seeing them again felt that i was a sign. Tashima took advantage of having a Basket Party and noticed how easy it was to sale this FABOLOUS jewelry she didn't hesitate in joining the company.

Tashima is now a Director in the company with a growing team. This is more than $5 jewelry, its a lifestyle! Tashima LOVES what she does and the joy that she brings to her customers.

In her short period of time Tashima does not regret taking that leap of FAITH to join this Paparazzi journey. 

Queen Jewels Collection

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